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The Harvard Travellers Club Permanent Fund was created by the Harvard Travellers Club in 1937 to provide encouragement and financial support for worthy and adventurous individuals in pursuing opportunities for research, exploration and travel which will enhance the world’s body of knowledge.


How we are funded.

The Permanent Fund maintains an endowment fund and receives on-going donations from members of the Harvard Travellers Club as well as bequests to support its mission.


The selection and award process

Applications for funding are solicited by word of mouth and through this website, and can be submitted at any time of the year. The Permanent Fund Trustees, made up of appointed members from the Harvard Travellers Club, meets periodically to review applications received and decides on grants to be awarded based on an overall assessment of the worthwhileness of the project submitted and the applicants qualifications. Preference is given to projects which are seen as adding to the body of knowledge of the world around us. Projects which benefit only the recipient, such as learning a language or leisure travel, are not appropriate. Grants are awarded each year and total annual grants are limited to $15,000.


What is expected from Grantees

 A grantee is expected to provide a brief report at the end of the project, preferably with photos and illustrations suitable for presentation at one of the Club’s monthly dinner meetings. 




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