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To provied guidance on the kind of projects funded by the Harvard Travellers Permanent fund, shown below is a list of grants awarded: 


  • 1000 mile camel journey across the Eastern Sahara to Cairo (David Melody 1986)


  • Canoe explorations of Canada’s Back River (Robert F. Perkins, Jr. 1987)


  • Study of the natural function of the upper limbs in walking among the Machiguenga Indians in central Peru (David Webb 1988)


  • Archeological exploration of Gebel Barkal in the Sudan (Dr. Timothy Kendall 1989)


  • Study of the coral reefs in Indonesia and their relation to periodicity of the El Nino events.

       (Michael D. Moore 1990)


  • Research on Arachnids in Kenya and spiders in Madagascar (Sarah J. Kariko, 1991)


  • Study of the influence of the nine-year civil war in Cambodia (Leah Melnick 1992)


  • Travel to the Ryuko islands of Japan to study plants and herbs used medicinally by Japanese healers (Yumi Ando, 1993)


  • Geomorphological survey of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina (Johan Liebens 1993)


  • Research into the ecological and economic impact of a small scale timber operation in

       Zaire (Joe Bachman 1995)


  • Ornithological study in Eastern Paraguay (Thomas Brooks 1996)


  • Protection and management of natural resources in the Cuc Phuong National Park in northern Vietnam (Shane J. Rosenthal, 1997)


  • Study of gas emissions from Mt. Erebus in Antarctica, the world’s southernmost volcano

       (Lois Wardell, 1998)


  • Investigation of snow algae in the mountains of Spain and Morocco (Brian Duval 1999)


  • Investigation of the lekking marine iguana and the blue-footed booby in the Galapagos islands

       (Dustin Rubenstein 2000)


  • Exploration in the Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal (Don Gurewitz, 2001)


  • Impact of the decline of Communist Authority in China on young adults (Nan Ding 2002)


  • Travel to Ecuador to study the social behavior of certain spiders (Kimberly Powers 2003)


  • Travel to Uganda to conduct research on black and white colobus monkeys in Kibale National Park

       (Tara Harris 2004)


  • Research on Uighur culture and history with focus on Chinese Silk Road with focus on southern Xinjiang province (Rian Thum 2005)


  • School building programs and the support of literacy in remote mountain communities in Pakistan and Afghanistan (Greg Mortenson of the Central Asia institute 2006


  • Study of Koalas in northwest Queensland, Australia (Alistair Melzer 2007)


  • Sociological research in Benin, West Africa (Marcy M. Hessling 2008)


  • Ethnographic research at the Sikh Golden Temple, Amritsar Punjab (Wai Chung Li 2009)


  • Investigation into an unusual  genus of marine shrimp in Panama, Belize and Jamaica

       (James Kealey 2010)


  • Research on xylaria in Ecuadorean Cloud Forest  (Daniel Thomas 2011)


  • Research in India on Tibetan Buddhism (Marilyn D. Pennell 2012)


  • Research on the practice of Mayan spiritual guides (Elizabeth R. Bell 2013)


2014      Exploration of tribal life along the Nam Ou River in Laos (Tony Deary)                 click image 


2015      Evolution of chameleon behavior in South Africa (Russell Ligon)


2016      Ornithological studies in Russian Arctic (Alexander Hellquist)











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