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The purpose of these grants is to foster research and/or exploration that involves travel as part of the project. There are no application forms.  What is required are an applicants resume and a brief description of the project including the reason financial assistance is needed, a budget and the dates of travel. Grants are made each year to persons with projects that involve intelligent travel and exploration. The travel must be intimately involved with the research and/or exploration.  The Fund does not offer scholarships and does not pay for travel unless it is intimately involved with the project. For instance, the fund will not pay for travel for someone who wants to spend time studying in a foreign city. The Grants Committee meets periodically to decide awards. Total annual grants will not exceed $15,000 subject to the discretion of the trustees.


Preference is given to:

Adventurous activity (ex. climbing, hiking, sailing) that has educational, scientific or cultural component.

Cultural study that involves international travel and has an educational or scientific component.

Scientific studies that have an educational component and add to the body of knowledge.


The Harvard Travellers Club Permanent Fund is accepting grant applications through March 15th, 2024 for funding after May 2024.

Submission should consist of:

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Proposal of travel/studies which includes:

    • Mission and Aims

    • Objectives

    • Proposed Itinerary

    • Estimated Budget

    • Anticipated outcome

    • List of Scientific Publications, Theses, Technical reports,      Awards and Fellowships

    • Published books.


To save time, you may submit a proposal by e-mail to or click the link below:




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